Scope of Industrial Safety

Scope of Industrial Safety

Scope of Industrial Safety

The first question in a Higher Secondary passed out student arises is ....... 
What should I choose as a my career?
What's my dream job?
Which career has an array of scope? 
To fulfill all above, I can choose my subjects accordingly in Senior Secondary and prepare for the dream career. After secondary education, nowadays very fast prospective courses are emerging in Fire Safety Field also.

So in this article I want to put the focus on Career as Safety Personnel and to make things easy; we have some questions to answer like- 
1. What is safety management?
2. Why should I opt for this career?
3. Career scope as a safety personnel?
4. Am I eligible?
5. Why to prioritize safety; at work place?

1. Safety Management- include the study of factory act 1948 for chapter 3, 4 & 5, health, safety and welfare respectively, of all the employees, advisory of ILO- International Labour organization, NSC national safety committee, and some prominent / specific safety standard OHSAS, AMSA, and some legal and statutory guidelines NBC National Building Code,NFPA National Fire Protection association

2. As this career involves very high responsibility and accountability it will challenge you in performing daily duties hence no other day is same, and that make this career interesting.

3. Career- as a safety personnel is like learning everyday with variable situation variable challenges and variable scope of growth some designation are Safety co-ordinator, Safety Supervisor, Risk assessor, fire risk assessor, internal auditor, external auditor, HAZOP and HIRA assessor.

4. As there are a number of possibility to join and enhance Safety management career with different courses...if you are 12th pass  you are eligible and if you have chemistry as one of your subjects it's icing on the cake and courses you can pursue are
Diploma in Fire Safety Management
Diploma in Industrial Safety
Graduation in Fire Engineering
If you are graduate you are eligible for PG Diploma in Fire Safety Management
PG Diploma in Industrial Safety in fire engineering
Certification like IOSH, NEBOSH and some certification of ISO

5. Prioritizing safety at work place not only mitigate adverse impact but also the forthcoming aspects
Low accident rates,
Higher confidence in task
Low rate of casualties
Low rate of absenteeism
Seamless work environment for employees
And over all company reputation, higher quality standards and so on and so forth

But what's the benefit of mine to choose safety management as career; as I have stated earlier satisfaction of job comes from ethical, legal, and financial backings.
So, ethical is like when reducing the accident rate at workplace you saved a person from life long physical impairment, and his family from all the adverse effect that could happen due to that accident you saved him from.
Talking about legalities involved you are important in the firm not only as a competent employee but also as a factory act 1948 requirement of a welfare officer, safety officer, or requirement of some standards, which makes you responsible for all the happenings in job, and in return gives you a career stability and moving towards financial thing what you will get, in short "high responsibility comes with higher rewards"