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Fire Awareness

In these days of modernization and ultra luxury lifestyle. We are becoming very much dependent on different machineries and electrical equipment and neglecting fire as a possible threat. We must know and recognize fire as a as a prominent, ever-present, and serious hazard.

As a fire can cause serious injuries to human, humongous loss to building structure properties etc. And causes unrecoverable losses. and here I am not trying to reiterate or emphasize the losses of Fire we all know the potential losses of fire. As it causes loss of several thousand life, millions of rupees, and many to suffer for their whole lives.

And to avoid fire at any given place all it takes is a bit of awareness and a whole lot of commitment to be safe.

An awareness towards which are fuels to fire, how fire expends, and supporting attributes to cause major fire. And a commitment to read to be aware of the materials or Equipment, buying, installing, commencing, and using that how these materials and equipment will react with heat it how tolerant are they towards heat it and how will they act in any case of fire. And a commitment to install a first aid fire fighting equipment wherever we find a possible chance of fire ignition. And to be aware about different emergency techniques that you can find on our website in learning videos or on our YouTube channel named CIFS Management.

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