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1.     Accident Reporting & Investigation-

Name of the Training – Accident Reporting & Investigation

a.     Who should attend – Health and Safety Staff,      Supervisors

b.     Objective – The main objective of the Accident Reporting & Investigation training is to find the root cause of the incident /accident and to prevent the mishappening of the same in future, it is also helpful to fulfil the legal requirements and to identify the cost of the accident / incident.

c.     Content –

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the hazards
  • Unsafe Act
  • Unsafe condition
  • Accident
  • Accident causation theory
  • Domino theory
  • Use cases of accident causation theory
  • Use cases of domino theory
  • SOP’s
  • Recording and reporting of near miss /Accident /Incident.
  • Active and reactive monitoring.

d.     Benefits – There are numerous benefits such as the managerial behaviour and the workforce behaviour can be further improved based on the positive recommendation of the investigation.It will help to identify the causes behind the occurrence and help in implementation of the control measures to prevent  such or even more serious incidents.