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1.     Fire Fighting Training-

a.     Name of the Training – Fire Fighting Training

b.     Who should attend – Boiler Operators, Existing Fire Men (Unskilled, Semiskilled).

c.     Objective – The main objective of fire fighting training is that employees have Have the basic fire awareness and evacuation skills, they should Understand key principles and requirements in response to fire in office building and workplace.

d.     Content

  • General principles of fire safety (Combustion, fire and Oxidation, the fire triangle)
  • Flash point
  • Fire point
  • Auto ignition
  • Classes of fire
  • Fire extinguishing methods
  • Fire extinguishers and uses.
  • Fire fighting equipments
  • Inspection and pre checklist of fire extinguishers.
  • Evacuation of the employees
  • Mustering at the Assembly point
  • Mustering at the Assembly point
  • On site and offsite emergency and planning.
  • General awareness of fire and safety signages.

e.     Benefits – Through the fire fighting training, trained firefighting professionals prevent the organisation from the loss of life and property, boost employees skills to prevent and protect the organisation from fire risk, improve the fire risk assessment of the workplace.