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India is becoming the manufacturing hub, and all the sectors of the industries are coming up hand in hand to achieve this ambitious target.

All the sectors are playing a major role in building the modern India, which is at par with  all the developing and developed countries. We need a robust, resilient and evolving industrial ecosystem.

We as a management team always take account of changing technology, our ever changing consumer base, their behaviour, overall economy change and many more important aspects. We always rely on the workfloor employee to get things done and deliver to our expectations, contribute to the management’s objectives and have adaptable behaviour to sustain management change and yet be efficient.

As we all say “The chain is as strong as its weakest link” more often than not. The floor employees become the weakest link because they work strenuous work hours, sometimes are underskilled, sometimes didn’t know much about their role in the complete process, and sometimes they are working in unsafe conditions, due to these all reasons they are more susceptible to act in an unsafe manner. Which can lead to an Emergency Situation (Medical Emergency, Fire Emergency, Breakdown of the machinery) which costs multifold to the management in different ways be it Human Injuries, Machine damage, material loss, production loss and all the other direct and indirect costs. To prevent and mitigate all these situations we all need to train the workfloor employees to understand different aspects of their work and to positively encourage them to act safe at the workplace.

This particular need of the management is also a legal requirement by Factory Act 1948, Sec 111A (ii), which necessitates training the employees to be trained for their Health and Safety. Different levels of employees (Senior Engineers, Managers, Supervisors, Operators, Workers) need to be trained in a different curriculum and in a different way.

We Central institute of Fire & Safety Management are approved by the “Chief Inspector of the Factories & Director of Factories, Government of Uttar Pradesh” we are the best choice to train your employees who are the building pillars of the industries. We offer concise, engaging and interactive training which is easily understood by the employees and gives results you desire.

Please choose from our plethora of offered training but we insist and would suggest you to go for at least Legally req Mock Drills, First-Aid Competence, Fire Fighting Awareness, Working Safely at Work Place, Electrical Safety  and other Industrial Health and Safety Awareness Trainings.

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