The infrastructure of any organisation/ Institute plays a vital role in the development of the Institute as well as students. It is important that the Institute has very good infrastructure with advanced teaching methodology to groom students. Digital platform is one of the important and mandatory need of any Institute. In current scenario Smart classrooms are getting popular and also have an eye over the technology for benefit of the students. So the infrastructure of the college plays an important role in selection of the college. Main facilities in institutes for carrier enhancement are as under…


The classrooms are designed to be compact so as to stimulate and encourage close interaction between students and faculty. Class rooms are equipped with smart board with audio – visual system for better understanding. Class activity assessed through online test, effective study material and daily class activity are being uploaded on institute specific ONLINE portal on daily basis.


Computer terminal are provided in the institute with internet facilities for the students and faculties.The CIFS management wants all its students to be conversant with modern learning aids. The entire college campus is Wi-Fi enabled.


Students Information Bulletin Board displays information regarding safety issues/ technics to enhance safety knowledge. The Board also displays important notices and students are required to keep themselves up to date on Institute affairs.


CIFS Management facilitates the process to get scholarship to students under various governmental and non-governmental schemes. These scholarship facilities are available to Diploma and post Graduate Diploma students. Students with brilliant academic records, economically poor and underprivileged students, sports students are eligible to apply for merit scholarships.


The hostel is 10 minutes’ walk from the institute. The hostel rooms are on a twin sharing basis. The hostel rooms are equipped with RO water facility.


The library serves as a rich workspace for students to enhance knowledge. To facilitate better referencing, the collection has been segregated into two distinct units, one for the Diploma section and the other for the post-graduate Diploma section.

Counselling Services 

The College provides Counselling services to students, throughout the academic session. Awareness is provided by trained counsellors through peer group training programmes. These services as well as learning material, developed by the centre, may be availed of through the Institute.

Identity Card

Every student of the Institute will be provided with an Identity Card after admission has been confirmed. This Card should always remain in her possession. In case of its loss, the student will be required to get a duplicate one by making a payment of Rs.100/- .