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Road Safety

Roads are the the biggest infrastructure made by humans. And roads are the biggest contributor in accidental deaths of humans. In India the figure is worse in comparison with other countries.

This is a well known fact and the most painful thing is we all know this and we don’t act towards Road safety.

First of all we will discuss about the possible scenarios of road accidents then we will focus on some very easy preventive steps. 

Road accidents are usually caused buy some of the below given reasons:

  • Not driving in the optimal conditions. (Vehicles are not in the optimal conditions, poor maintenance)
  • Non eligibility of driver (non competence driver)
  • Not abiding by the traffic rules by both pedestrians and drivers.
  • And poor Road conditions

Easy  preventive steps to mitigate road accidents could be:

  • Vehicle should be maintained in a proper working condition.
  • The driver should be in his 100% ability to drive any vehicle.
  • Before driving any vehicle gear or non gear, one should be trained and certified for their ability to drive the vehicle.
  • And before stepping on the road children teenagers and adults should be aware  of traffic rules, road safety rules and signs.

We have discussed on possible causes of road accident and some easy preventive steps for more information and awareness you can visit to our YouTube channel.


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